Ten Mini Canvasses

I'm just an amateur nail art enthusiast, hoping to get my work noticed. In the meantime, I'll just keep painting ;-)

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I couldn’t resist…talk about zero will power.

Mariah Carey byOPI Liquid Sandswatches. Sandy Swatches, if you will.

I was expecting the texture to be a lot grittier, but they were actually quite nice to wear. Two coats each, and it’s not a bother because they dry rather quickly. As I said in the caption for “The Impossible”, it’s supposed to have star-shaped glitter in it. It’s probably just because they’re mini-bottles. I feel slightly cheated, but I’ll live :-)

I was in love with the purple, “Can’t Let Go”. Now I’m thinking up excuses to wear it again! Overall, nice little collection.

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